taxi cab photo booth hire Yorkshire
Charlie the White Taxi Booth, taxi cab photo booth hire Yorkshire
taxi cab photo booth hire Yorkshire

Black Taxi Photo Booth Hire Yorkshire

In todays image hungry world, everyone likes to have their picture taken, a photobooth makes a super addition for any wedding, party or event. Originating across the pond with our American cousins, the booth system made its way to good old blighty, and quickly became a must have accessory at any event.

Taking their time to choose silly props from the props box, the guests dress up, then enter the booth and activate its fully automatic system, this takes a preprogrammed number of snaps before quickly dispensing a hard copy of the proceedings.

We provide the same service but with a twist, instead of the system being encased in a boring box, we have installed one in a vintage London black cab. The cab itself becomes part of the entertainment, the howls of laughter from inside the booth bears testimony to how much fun this is.

A quick strip down of a cab, just off service in London, (but rest assured, we did preserve her modesty), a  new coat of lustrous paint, and a complete interior refurb, including new carpets, along with the lots of chrome bling upgrades, all done in the best possible taste as Kenny Everett loved to exclaim (If you are not old enough to remember Kenny go ask your Mum), and she out into a new life of fun and laughter came our cab.

A taxi photo booth is Cool Britannia personified, old, quite slow and particularly uncomfortable to drive she may be, but on the cool scale she knocks spots off the alternatives. We say she, but perhaps should say they, for we have 2 of these grand old ladies, the first called Charlie, is resplendent in white, and Penny, identical but of a much darker hue.

So if you are looking to hire a taxi cab photo booth anywhere in Yorkshire, then email our team for a super competitive quote, we cover the entire Yorkshire region, as well as the rest of the UK and Europe.

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More Value, the taxi booth is available at a similar price to a boring booth

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Worry Free Hire                        as part of a larger group, we have the backup and experience to ensure that your event will run smoothly

FUN, FUN, FUN!!  A taxi booth, is a photo booth with the fun multiplied

‘Eeh By Gum’ a photobooth in a Taxi!!! Taxi Cab Photo Booth Hire Yorkshire

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