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Taxi Photo Booth Hire Woking

Photo booths are the must have item at weddings, parties and events. Like many things they hit the big time in the good ole U.S of A. before drifting across the pond and finding  a new market he

Many people have queued at an event to take their turn at dressing up in silly hats and wigs, posing with their friends whilst the automated booth snaps away, then howling with laughter at the resulting prints.

We offer the exact same service, but with a twist, no longer limited to the boring photo booth in a box, reminiscent of the passport photos you used to have taken at Woolworths (rest in peace) or the Post Office, we have taken the concept and encased it in an old fashioned London Taxi Cab, a Fairway Driver to be precise, which up until a few months back was tramping its way around the highways and byways of the nations capital, until that is, Boris (the mayor) decreed that it had to be forcibly retired in favour of some sleeker, newer but not as iconic upstart.  Covering Woking and the surrounding regions, the rest of the UK and Europe, our taxis can bring hours of fun to your event, wherever it is.

A thorough refurbishment and our taxis started their new lives as mobile entertainment centres, travelling the nation (and occasionally to foreign climes) they dispense oodles of fun in their wake, leaving a trail of hilarious photos wherever they visit.

A taxi photo booth personifies Cool Britannia, old slow and uncomfortable to drive she may be, but she is still way cooler than the alternatives. We say she, but perhaps should say they, for we have 2 grand old ladies, Charlie, resplendent in white, and Penny, identical but of a darker hue.

Why Hire Our Taxi Photo Booth?

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More Value, priced similarly to a standard booth, a taxi booth is great value for money

worry free hire

Worry Free Hire                       as part of a larger group, we have the backup and experience to ensure that your event will run smoothly

FUN, FUN, FUN!!  A taxi booth, takes the photo booth concept and increases the FUN

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